Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothing to wear.

I color coordinate my clothes. OCD? I think... not. My Boyfriend thinks I am though.

Closet full of things and I struggle to find an outfit almost everyday. If that isn't bad enough, I sometimes find myself having a hard time choosing which pair of socks to wear. I like socks with pictures or words. White socks are great too. I try to clean out my closet after every shopping trip; I end up tossing out 2-5 things almost every time. Not too bad, sometimes I hesitate to toss anything out. I have 3 boxes sitting in the corner of my closet waiting for a new owner. I've considered Platos Closet but I think I would enjoy a "Swap Party"; perhaps someday when I find a group of girls. Anywho, I'm ready for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thats a really nice photo. Less contrast is often better ricky ross big boss.

Anonymous said...

Holy moley! that's a lot of clothes Rosie :P
We both color coordinate our closet! Yaaay!