Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bits and pieces of scraps.

I picked up my scrap booking items at Crystals today. I've been so lazy. I started the book in 2007! It's barely half way finished. I have a ton of stickers and things to decorate with, I just need to print out pictures. That is the reason for my non-existent motivation. I'm not close to being finished with the book but I'm already thinking of a new project. I bought a shadow box today. It's a small project so it should be fun and quick. Can't wait for my prints to come in! Get your decorating-on.

P.S. Anyone want to be scrap booking buddies? I'm forreal.

The many things waiting to be used in a project.


Anonymous said...

omg you scrapbook? and those are really nice, quite professional. Did you go to the scrapfest at MOA lol?

Rosiiiie said...

Thanks. Yes, and I need a scrapbook buddy. No, I didn't know about any scrapfests. But that sounds fun! Do you scrapbook too?! BTW, Panhia, that hot pink letter was written by you! Right? Haha.

Anonymous said...

omg lol it is! I think? It was a love letter written to a girl I wrote years ago (one of many! lol) I did not know how to spell then...Omg I wish I kept some of the other ones, they are way more corny! lol!

anyways I dont scrapbook actively lol, I just dabble. I have things but not time. I started a prom one years ago (right after prom) and I was interested in it for about a day. I have a total of like three pages done. I'm too lazy but I do like collecting scrapbooking things and looking at other people's pages!