Friday, October 15, 2010

DAY 4: List 15 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack.

Fresh azimiz
I'm Awesome
Gangstas Paradise
Thug Mansion
Tha Crossroads
I'm a straight rider
Everyday I'm Hustling
Growing Pains
I'm so hood
I'm in Love With a Stripper
...... Just Kidding.

1. Linkin Park (in general)
2. Music is my Boyfriend
3. My President is Black
4. In Christ Alone
5. The Heart of Worship
6. Someone Else
7. Mario Kart Love Song
8. Khoom Plig Zoo
9. Roc
10. I Kissed A Girl
11. No Rest for the Weary
12. White Houses
13. I ain't mad atcha
14. One Man Wrecking Machine
15. Over

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