Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 23 & 24.

DAY 23: What is something you crave.
SUSHI. I love sushi. I can live off of it. Seriously.

DAY 24: Share a story about your past that you are ashamed of.
I was a korean fanatic. To the point where I wrote down every website containing any sort of relation to korean bands/singers. I had a binder filled with pages and pages of all the hotties; Shinhwa, HOT, SES, 1Tym, Lee Min Woo, Kangta, etc... During the July 4th soccer tournament I would spend money on bootlegged movies and CD's. And if I didn't have it but a friend or cousin did, we would re-record it to make me a copy. Some mornings before school I would go to my cousins house and watch clips of a concert or music video before heading out to the bus stop. I don't know what happened to the binder I put all my Korean heart and soul into... Well, it's not something I'm really ashamed of, I'm quite proud. :DDD Oh, and I still love to watch Asian Dramas.


Anonymous said...

lol your shame story is so funny! Don't be ashamed, christi is still obsessed.

happybyflorals said...

Yes I am! I still have my binder of pictures, recorded videos, and burned cds! LOL don't be ashamed! people who has never experienced it this hard are missing out! hahaha

Anonymous said...

omg xti!

"people who has never experienced it this hard" lol!