Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ending of October & Halloween recap.


I got a wrist tattoo towards the end of October. The boyfriend and I designed it while sitting out in a parking lot. My very first and possibly last. Iderno. We will see... My tattooist did a great job and she is super friendly. If I were to ever go back and get another small tattoo, I would go to her again.

After work.

I went to Target and couldn't help but grab a few things; travel size Aveeno lotion for my purse, Sally Hansen nail polish in Quick Sand, 2-in-1 concealer/foundation brush, and a cuticle trimmer.

Halloween Night.

Yes, believe it. I went trick-or-treating. I think this may be the last year I go. I've gone every year for as long as I can remember. I should have stopped years ago but, free candy! It was a fun night.

I did some party hopping but didn't take many pictures. Some are inappropriate while others are ehhh. Plus, my hair was falling out of the wig by party number one. Lol.


prais3god said...

OMG! You actually got the tat?! Did it hurt? I love the design by the way!

Rosiiiie said...

Yes I did. Thanks! And yeah it hurt. But its a very quick pain. When the needles on you it hurts but once its pulled away it doesn't. You still planning on getting one?

Anonymous said...

I love your tattoo! Where did you get it done?

Also where is this song from? What drama?

Rosiiiie said...

Thanks! I got it done at B Cool on White Bear... I heard the song awhile ago in one of SES' documentary-ish video. I'm not sure if it has been in a drama. I keep thinking "Autumn in my Heart" but it's not listed in the OST. Only in a fan made video.