Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I smell Soap.

Yesterday I received the two bars of soap I ordered from iViscents. They smell delicious. I especially want to take a bite out of the Birthday Cake bar... Hmmm, it says non-toxic, maybe I can take a bite. Overall, I am happy with the purchase.

On another note:
I went to Target earlier and grabbed a few miscellaneous items: plastic headbands, Olay dual action cleanser, adorable Santa socks, and thigh high socks in black.

* This is off topic but I just finally got my camera back so here is me during Black Friday. I made sure to bundle up. My feet still got cold even with two pairs of socks and snow boots. I am holding hand warmers. I held onto them for my dear life. They really did help. No lie. Look Mom, no gloves.


crystal_lee0101 said...

Nice Boots! LOL

Rosiiiie said...

Lol. Yes, thanks again for letting me borrow them!

Anonymous said...

How are the soaps? They look really big!

Rosiiiie said...

Birthday Cake smells so delicious. It smells like frosting. It lives up to its name 99.9%. Knight in Shining Armor is alright. I think it is a mixture of fruity scents so it kind of boggles with my mind not knowing what to look for. I am using KISA first. They are about 2 inches wide, 3.4 inches tall, and 1 inch thick.