Friday, December 17, 2010

Dave Ryan Show.

As you may or may not know, I love the Dave Ryan in the morning show. They are a local radio station (101.3 KDWB) I have mentioned them a few times in past posts and my Facebook statuses. My earphones decided to suddenly stop working last Monday. I suffered through my work week. I was literally bobbling my head and it was so hard to keep my eyes open. I am also sleep deprived. I work more hours in a week than the hours I get of sleep. Anyway, I found a pair of earphones at home and brought them with me to work this week. They definitely keep me up during my first four hours of work. The rest of the day is dedicated to Pandora. Thank goodness for that too.

Point is, I just wanted to share a few random videos from their youtube channel. Old and new.
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Dave and Lena during Jingle Ball 2010. Lena is a catholic girl, who raps.

They sometimes reenact previous bits with these puppets. This was one of the most hilarious War of the Roses. WOTR is basically a listener who emails the show explaining that their boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife may be cheating. The show calls the "cheater" and pretends to be a phone company. Listen.

Dave Ryan show sends Intern John and Crisco to their Boss' house to light up fireworks on his lawn. They still have jobs.

Intern John eats turkey for Thanksgiving. Apparently, this is how it might have been like while eating on the Mayflower. I could not stop laughing when I first watched it.

McCrisco is a character played by Crisco. There are other ones with this character, but I liked this one. "That's what she said."

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