Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping after the Holidays.

I went shopping today with Crystal. A lot of stores had good sales; from $5 to $20.

* H&M - Charlotte Russe - Forever 21 - Target

*On another note, I finally de-potted my Urban Decay Primer Potion today. I bought a travel kit from Forever 21 and it included a small jar, perfect for the UDPP. It would have been a waste if I tossed it since there is a good amount of product left in the fancy but poorly designed tube.


someday_soon said...

woah! Was the primer frozen?? If it was, how did it work after it thawed?? And isn't my follow button on top by the search bar? LOL. IDk. TTYS!

Rosiiiie said...

No, it wasn't frozen. The primer comes in a poorly designed tube. The wand it comes with can only go straight in and out, thus the whole in the center after de-potting it. All the product that are on the round parts get missed. So when you think you've ran out, you haven't. Cutting it into thirds is the only way you will be able to have your moneys worth. :(

Anonymous said...

I did a lot of shopping too, especially at Charlotte.

when I first got a ud primer, I hated the design and tossed it after I couldn't get it out anymore, now I realized how much was left. I stopped buying it because I didn't like the packaging but now that they came out with that huge squeeze tube one, I like it better.

Rosiiiie said...

I know, when I de-potted the tube I was surprised at how much was left to waste on the sides. I've had it for awhile. Glad I did it though and good thing they come in a tube now.