Wednesday, January 19, 2011

iTouch the Hippo.

The Man surprised me with an iTouch 4g yesterday night. I was so happy I literally jumped up and down and screeched like a little kid. He bought it to go with the Diddy Beats he got me for Christmas this past year. It felt like Christmas all over again. He and I have been "FaceTime"ing each other and it is so much fun. :DDD

I also received the circle lenses I ordered about 2 weeks ago from Pinky Paradise. These are my first. Yes, these are prescribed for I do not have 20/20 vision. I have been wanting to purchase a few pairs awhile ago but decided to wait on it. I do not plan to wear them everyday like regular contact lenses. The circle lenses kind of irritate the eyes after awhile, at least for me. Nonetheless, I really like the color; adult grey. My order came with an adorable animal contact lens case. I got a Hippo.

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christix said...

love your whole post here!