Friday, January 7, 2011

Do less eating out.

So much for saving money by not eating out too often. Its only been a week since the new year and I have eaten out twice already. I can't help it though. Being semi-busy keeps me away from the house so the only option is to eat out right? Fast and easy, but adds up. Boyfriend took me out to dinner last night. One of our many go-to restaurant is Ho Ho. We had hot & sour soup, pork fried rice, and salt baked squid.

Today we joined my cousins for dinner and drinks at TGIF. I had the Southwest Burger and one of my all time favorite drink, delicious Tropical Berry Mojito.

After eating at Ho Ho last night, the Man and I said we would be good for a few weeks. We didn't even last 24 hours. Booooo. Tonight was an exception though since I haven't hung out with my cousins for awhile. :)

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