Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have not been blogging lately but as you can see, my Boyfriend has been blogging for me. I lub da dings and No such thing as good korean food. Haha. I have been missing in action for the past few weekends. I am so drained from work. Once Friday rolls around I just want to lay in bed. I must get out this weekend. I cannot waste my life away.

Rock climbing plans on Saturday 01/29 was a fail. I decided to stay home since it was just the guys. They ended up going to the bar afterwards where EVERYONE, guy and girl, was. Booooo. The whole gang of friends went out to the bar. Then, I babysat Sunday night til 10:30pm.

I went out to eat sushi with my friend Linda last night during Happy Hour at Osaka Sushi & Hibachi. They were so nice. We got a roll called "Perfect Roll" and it was on the house. It was delicious. Last week I went with the Man during their lunch buffet. I like their sushi a lot better than the other sushi buffet. The other opened not too long, 2-3 years maybe?? I forget. Also, the other place is known to have bad service, I completely agree. Osaka had good service and it looks really nice inside. Another thing I like about it is, during LUNCH BUFFET you don't have to flag down a waiter or waitress for your food, you just get up and get it yourself. They serve sushi and other types of food.

I didn't have the opportunity to take photos of the out/inside but here are my two plates of nummy food. (Pictures are from buffet day with Boyfriend)


CHOUA said...

Looks good but Yangmee said she went for dinner and it wasn't good. Now I'm skeptical about trying it out, should I try it?

Rosiiie. said...

I liked it. I've only gone during a-la-carte once. But their lunch buffet has a nice selection and I think its good! You should try it and let me know your opinion.