Sunday, March 20, 2011


I baked the whole weekend. The weather was rainy and muggy. Perfect for staying in all day. It was also an excuse for me to use the cake tools I got from Michaels. I love marble cake so I made one. I baked a cake Saturday night and baked cupcakes today (Sunday). I usually buy and use store-made frosting/whip but decided to make my own on Saturday. The turnout was ok. Different but not bad. I worked with Fondant for the first time today. It is kind of hard to work with but I managed. As I've stated a few times, I am not the greatest when it comes to drawing, so I just did the basic flowers and leaves. The cupcakes turned out good. The Boyfriend helped me. He is the more artistic one in the relationship. He molded the frog for my lily-pad cupcake and he designed the susnet-mountain-killer-whale one. And we made some simple ones as well. Back to work in the morning!

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