Monday, March 14, 2011

Step 2 the Beat of my Heart.

I have been busy and have not had the time to update with my recent buys. Here are a few random collages containing my purchases.

Weekend Buys:

My Polaroid camera came in a couple weeks ago. I love it. I ordered 50 more films and received it this past Saturday. I've already used up a pack of film. (10)

Saturday afternoon I went shopping with Mai Bao and Pax. I was only able to drop by H&M and Forever 21. I bought a few things and am really happy with my purchases.
* I put the waist shorts on hold so I could have 24 hours on contemplating whether or not I should get them. Of course I went back in less than 4 hours.
* As I walked towards the registers, this adorable belt caught my attention. I really like the quad rope design.

I did not get much from Forever 21 except for an eye shadow palette. I have not used it enough to give an opinion on whether or not it is good, but I like the colors.

Todays Buys:

I stopped by Target after work and bought a few different shades of nail polish; red/pink, grey/silver, and black. Of course I LIKE TOTALLY had to grab the "One Last Lonely Girl" polish by Justin Bieber. I decided to wait on the colored shades and for today, grabbed the "Step 2 the Beat of my ♥."

Before going home I went to Michaels to look at their cake decorating supplies. One lady noticed I was having a hard time picking and choosing. She came up to me and said she took their cake decorating classes and pointed me towards the kit she has at home. I forgot to print the Michael's coupon so I said I'll wait on it and start off small. After our conversation I thanked her for the help. A little less than ten minutes later, still in the cake aisle, she comes back with a coupon and says, "here, I won't be needing this so you can take this coupon and buy that kit for yourself." It was the last one! I was so thankful! I thanked her a few times but I don't think she knows how much I really appreciated it. :) -- And of course, I love Spongebob. The icing decorations were on clearance so I had to get it..



I decided to paint my nails before bed. I LOVE the neutral color! I should have left it but I wanted to try out JB's "Step 2 the Beat of my ♥." As I should have expected, it is a little difficult getting the hearts out. I had to fish it out and dab it on my nail. Results = one heart per nail, except the two pointing fingers, I put three. I'm a bit bummed because it is cute, but it takes a little more work. Well, time to invest into JB's colored nail polish, not the glittery ones.


thedailyfixation said...

omg I love that cake decorating thing! Have you used it?

Rosiiie. said...

Not yet. But I plan to this weekend!!

christix said...

ooh the kit looks nice! and that heart nail polish thing ...the faceshop sells theirs for only $2!