Thursday, April 21, 2011


I went to Ulta after work and met up with my friend, Mai Bao. We did a little browsing and picked up a few things. Here are the items I purchased today. There were a few BOGO's so I grabbed what I liked and got a pretty good deal.

I have had this bag since last year. I am not a huge fan of make-up boxes for storage. I think they are a bit flimsy and a little harder to carry around. Maybe someday I will give-in. As of now, I have a nice cosmetic bag to store my beauty products. I've purchased a few in the past. They have progressively become larger throughout the years. Instead of tossing all my products into the bag I have now, I used the smaller ones to create "dividers".

* The bag.
* Inside without the brush bag. Tucked well.
* Inside with the brush bag.
-- I like to have my brushes out when doing my make-up so I place it loosely on-top. The other cosmetics are easier to dig around for.


thedailyfixation said...

Rosie, how do yo like the Maybellene foundation? My little sister says its too oily for her.

Rosie said...

The FITme foundation is alright. I don't wear it enough to point out its flaws but so far it's good. It's easy to blend and work with.