Sunday, April 3, 2011

Delicious rainbow.

Today was dedicated to being in the kitchen. I woke up and cooked for most of the day. I made delicious buffalo wings and baked rainbow cupcakes! The colors turned out perfect. They were delicious. Yummay.

* Unrelated note:
I finally went out to get Lady Gaga's Viva La Glam 2. I like it a lot more than my other few nude lipsticks. It does not give me an extra pale-washed-out-face.


Anonymous said...

the cupcakes look so yummy!! (:

Anonymous said...

I swatched this lipstick on my hand, it looks darker than I thought it would be.

CHOUA said...

I need to start baking again, I've been lazy. And I love the Gaga lipstick! =)

Rosie said...

I like it a lot more than Myth. My face doesn't look as pale and washed out. :) Grab one, Choua!