Sunday, May 22, 2011

Food, Sweets, & Drinks!

Friday felt like a really long day. After work I ran a few errands, picked up my BFF, Kao, and headed to Grand Ave. We initially wanted to check out Phresh to get pedicures and possibly a haircut but they were booked. We then decided to walk 2 blocks down and grabbed a bite to eat at Cafe Latte. After a quick lunch we went to pick up the cake Kao ordered for her husband.

Later on that night we went out for dinner at Oskaka Sushi & Hibachi for Kao's husbands surprise birthday dinner. The plan was for everyone to show up before they did. It turned out great. It was an interesting and fun night.

After a big dinner, my friend Mai Bao and I headed to a bar, The Library, in Dinkytown. I have been there once before and it was not all that great. The second time around was pretty much the same. The music was all over; slower beats, faster beats, r&b, hip-hop, country, 90's, rock, etc. I couldn't keep up.

Nonetheless, it turned out to be a pretty long Friday, but filled with friends and fun.

A few of their dessert options and what I had for lunch.

My dinner from Osaka. Gyoza for an appetizer and yummy sushi rolls. I always have to get a Spicy Tuna Roll. It is my all time favorite.

Birthday cake Kao ordered from a nice little place on Grand Ave. I forget the name of the shop but the cake was really good!

SATURDAY: I spent the night with a few lady friends for one their birthday. I had a really good time dancing the night away and having a few drinks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boyfriend, dress me.

My friend Mai Bao shared this, Would You EVER Let Your Guy Pick Out Your Clothes? I Did, for a Week!, on her Facebook wall. I found it interesting and seems fun to do. I would like to give it a go but I don't live with my Boyfriend. I don't see him everyday and every morning, for that matter. But I'd still like to give it a try. Maybe we'll work around it somehow, instead of everyday we could do it on days when I do see him, totaling up to seven days.

Mia with her rad fit. I like her kicks.

Image Source:

Red diamonds.

I did my nails last night. Two months ago I read somewhere in an Elle magazine, "Whenever I wear Mademoiselle, I get a whiff of Paris." I went out to buy it a few days after. I like it. Very simple and clean. It's like wearing just a clear coat but with a hint of light pink.

- Konad, plate m57
- Essie: Mademoiselle
- OPI: Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
- Sally Hansen: Strobe Light

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday morning, 5am.

Some mornings on my way to work I witness pretty skies, but of course, there is no time for me to stop and not that I have my camera with me anyway. Sunday morning I decided to set my alarm to see if maybe I would be lucky. Glad I did because it was a beautiful sunrise!

These are unedited photos, except for the watermark. Ten minutes apart;
I was able to capture two deers in this shot!

The sun is finally peeking out.

Penny enjoying the sunrise with me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Make-up, catch-up.

I have been busy and have not had time to update. Also, my computer caught a virus so I had to factory reset it. I am in the process of getting my very-much-needed-super-useful-programs back.

I bought a few NYX jumbo eye pencils; Black Bean, Slate, Pure Gold, Yogurt, and Iced Mocha. I like them all so far. I don't necessarily dislike any. I bought a shade of lipstick in Electra, also from NYX.

My most valuable possession at the moment is Urban Decay's NAKED palette! Finally, after months of stalking Ulta, I got one. I love every shade. I have used every single one for different looks. I wish for more matte colors but other than that, it is wonderful.

My sisters prom was over the weekend. I did her make-up, it was based around purple and gold. Helping her get ready for her prom made me want prom round two.

(Image Source:
Over the weekend I went out with my BFF, Kao, to see Bridesmaids. I loved it. I had plenty of laugh out loud moments and a few don't-cry-right-now moments. Bridesmaids is a movie based on a different kind of love, friendship. I wouldn't call it a chic flick, there were plenty of "manly" events. I liked the fact that the typical gross, foul act, and language, usually done by men in comedies, were done by women. We're human. I cannot wait to see it again.