Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend update.

We celebrated my sister's graduation on Saturday. It was busy but filled with a lot of delicious food and great people. After the party, it was still about 7pm. A couple of my first cousins were spending the night so we did a little shopping last night and this morning.

We browsed around Francesca's and I bought a pair of red canvas shoes, on sale for $7!!! I previously bought a similar one from Aldos for 5x the price! Glad I returned it. Then I made a quick stop to H&M and bought a hoodie. I love hoodies!

I haven't bought any make-up products from Victoria's Secret before. I've only purchased under garments and body spray. I decided to take a look at their color tinted lip-gloss and ended up getting two! I much prefer lip-gloss in a tube so I'm not too fond of the packaging its in but I loved the colors. Aside from the lip-gloss purchases, I also bought 5 hip-huggers and a bra.

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