Monday, November 7, 2011

Iron-Nails & Shadows.

I have been busy with school and work, so I have been neglecting my blog. I will be posting various highlights from August - current month.

This post will be focused on beauty products.

I have not had time to do my nails lately, just very plain and simple looks. Two months ago I was inspired by my friend, Ana, who had Green Lantern nails. Here is my Ironman atttempt; August 5. I love Ironman.

Halloween weekend, Urban Decay's president was in Minnesota and made appearances at a few Ulta's. He was in Woodbury on Friday October 28th. I stopped in around 11am. The new palettes and palettes that are often sold-out were all there! I spent well over $150 for two palettes, but buyers received a free bag with travel-size UD cosmetics and a UD t-shirt. I bought the Book of Shadows IV and Urban Decay's 15 year anniversary palette.

I was super stoked to try out the shadows and products, but I realized I forgot my 20% off entire purchase coupon. The following morning, I made a trip back to Ulta and returned the items so I could repurchase and redeem my coupon. I ended up returning the Book of Shadows IV. I figured the shadows were a bit boring and I had plenty of neutrals. Also, the price marked seems too expensive for what it's worth. I would be paying more for the gadgets than the actual shadows. However, I kept the 15 year anniversary palette and was still qualified to keep the free gifts, plus saved some money. Win-Win!

I recently purchased two more shadows for my MAC palette.
Vex and Sumptuous Olive. One more slot til the palette is complete.
This palette has taken me over a year to fill up. xP

Left to Right & Top to Bottom:
Carbon - Typographic - Mystery - Goldenrod - Passionate
Woodwinked - Rice Paper - Naked Lunch - Vex - Fresh Water
Amber Lights - Goldmine - Crystal Avalanche - Sumptuous Olive - (EMPTY)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rosie! Been a long time! I love your mac palette! Do you just buy singles and depot or where do you buy just pans, I've only seen it online.

Rosie said...

Hi Panhia!! Yes it has! The single pans can be purchased only at MAC locations, not the stands inside Macys and such. I got a few in Uptown and the others from MOA. You can also buy the empty palettes from those locations. :)