Monday, February 28, 2011

In a nutshell.

I got this from my friend, Panhia. She has a blog post titled, "What defines you – fashion, fun, elgegance". I decided to give it a shot. I had to pick and choose what I wanted to be in the photo. If I had to get down to the detail, it would look really cluttered. So here are all the basics in a nutshell; essential things that define my look.

My cellphone and i-pod. They help me keep in touch with the world and give me entertainment.
I write everything in my planner; birthdays, parties, plans, and thoughts.
My Canon Rebel XSi, Click, is what keeps me going when I feel inspired; I cannot draw to save my life.
I own many different color and sizes of scarves. I like fun or cute socks.
I like to dress up when needed and be comfortable when I can. Hoodies and cardigans are my favorite grab and go pieces.
Comfortable heels are a must have. I lost the right side to my most comfortable and favorite pumps. I think from a night out, slightly intoxicated. The nude/grey heels pictured above are the most comfortable ones I have at the moment.
Cute flats, ankle, and knee high boots are a must have in my wardrobe.
Basic or fancy waist skirts over a nice blouse or shirt are great when wanting to dress up without doing too much. Belts add a nice final touch to any outfit.
I own a few pairs of leggings and stockings. I wear jeans but they are not my favorite, shopping for them is especially frustrating.
When I feel the need to smell pretty I go to my Victoria's Secret fragrance.
And of course, all chic things like MAKE-UP, nail polish, magazines, and accessories pretty much sums up everything to define my look.

Dear Diary, allow me to be Forever 21.

The week before I left to Oklahoma I spent days filling up my virtual shopping cart on an international website that sells super kawaii stuff! After I tried to place my order I came to find out they do not ship to the United States. I was bummed but not for long. I found what I wanted on Ebay. Since it was shipping from Korea, it was bound to take at least two weeks. By the time I got back from Oklahoma my packages have already arrived! The planner was a bit small for my liking since I sometimes write a lot. I was really happy with the sticker purchases though. I gave the planner to my sister and re-ordered a new one, but bigger size and different color; black. I made the order on the 23rd so I think I have about a week left before I receive it. I cannot wait to put it to use!

Package ONE: Stickers - 18 sheets total.

Package TWO: Planner (365 Diary M) - it came with "point" stickers

*On another note:
February 5th was the grand opening of a brand new Forever 21. It opened at Rosedale Center in Roseville. The first 200 people in line received a gift card ranging from $10 to $210. My sister, friend, and I woke up at 4:30am to wait in line. We got there around 5am and were the first 40-50 people. Doors opened at 10am, I was a bit disappointed because waiting for 5 hours gave me $10!!! Oh well, better than nothing. I ran into one of my other friend inside and she won the $210 gift card! Her picture was taken. After seeing me she says, "I still can't believe I won." Lol. I was really happy for her! Her spot in line was in the hundred.

The store is huge. I like the variety of clothing and accessories. The store has two levels with its own escalators and three entrances. The fitting rooms were big as well, which is good. I bought a few items and am satisfied with my purchases. Here is a photo while in line.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was in an airplane.

First off, this is the rose Boyfriend got me when he picked me up at the airport. Reason why I was at the airport is down below. :)

I rode my very first airplane ever, Friday February 11th! I got back from Oklahoma Friday February 18th. I stayed there for a week with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. I had a wonderful time. It was definitely great seeing them again. It was also nice being in the sun away from snow. We had 60-80 degree weather in Oklahoma. While away, Minnesota had 50 degree weather. By the time I got back it welcomed me with low temperatures. That was not so great but to make up for it, Boyfriend picked me up at the airport. My flight landed at 8pm. I was so happy to see him!!! The single rose made me feel so loved.

Onto my airplane experience, I was really nervous on the first take off since I didn't know what to expect. After that flight, it was pretty enjoyable. I don't mind it much. Maybe because my flights were no longer than 2 hours in between. I didn't have to sit for too long. The seats were a bit uncomfortable but I kind of figured that already. Nonetheless, ride-an-airplane can be checked off my bucket list.

Many pictures were taken throughout the trip; birthdays and a ton of delicious food. I will be posting just a few of the more scenic ones.

Heart shaped lucky bamboo.

Two occasions of gorgeous sunsets in Oklahoma.

The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa.

The plane ride back home. Too bad I sat on the opposite side of the sunset. It looked gorgeous! I was still able to capture these intense clouds though.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have not been blogging lately but as you can see, my Boyfriend has been blogging for me. I lub da dings and No such thing as good korean food. Haha. I have been missing in action for the past few weekends. I am so drained from work. Once Friday rolls around I just want to lay in bed. I must get out this weekend. I cannot waste my life away.

Rock climbing plans on Saturday 01/29 was a fail. I decided to stay home since it was just the guys. They ended up going to the bar afterwards where EVERYONE, guy and girl, was. Booooo. The whole gang of friends went out to the bar. Then, I babysat Sunday night til 10:30pm.

I went out to eat sushi with my friend Linda last night during Happy Hour at Osaka Sushi & Hibachi. They were so nice. We got a roll called "Perfect Roll" and it was on the house. It was delicious. Last week I went with the Man during their lunch buffet. I like their sushi a lot better than the other sushi buffet. The other opened not too long, 2-3 years maybe?? I forget. Also, the other place is known to have bad service, I completely agree. Osaka had good service and it looks really nice inside. Another thing I like about it is, during LUNCH BUFFET you don't have to flag down a waiter or waitress for your food, you just get up and get it yourself. They serve sushi and other types of food.

I didn't have the opportunity to take photos of the out/inside but here are my two plates of nummy food. (Pictures are from buffet day with Boyfriend)