Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was in seventh grade when I heard about the devastating event of the Twin Towers in New York. The memories I have of the incident are so dull. I was sitting in History class. Unbeknownst to what was happening, Mrs. R turned on the TV. I remember the small screen displaying live feed from New York. Smoke and flames filled it up. I was afraid, but unaware of how big of an issue the incident really was.

Two months ago, in July, I went to New York for the first time in my life. I made sure Ground Zero would be a part of my "To see" during my trip. Unfortunately, time was tight so I was unable to actually see the memorial pool. I was able to snap a few photos of the "scene" and the ongoing process of the new towers that were being built to be taller and stronger than before. In the corner of one street was a closed out area. A small window was provided for people to peek through and see the evidence of what was left behind from the horrific incident. Literally standing in the area where it all happened was so overwhelming. It all felt so surreal.

I have paid my respect every year to the lost ones of 9.11. However, this year felt different. While listening to the radio this morning, they played audio clips of phone calls and live reports. I was sensitive to the subject before, but this year was different. Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes. Perhaps because I have a live memory of the surroundings. I stepped foot in the area. As the audio clips were playing, I pictured myself in the are with them witnessing the entire thing. Of course I cannot even begin to imagine the imagery, horror, and helplessness they all felt; but have seen a small fraction of the little evidence that was left, it hurt enough to feel some pain.

Although I have no personal relation to anyone who fell victim of the September 11, 2001 attack, my heart, thoughts, and prayers truly and whole heartily go out to those who lost their lives or a loved one in the incident. God bless.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Sweet Taste of my Culture.

I have been so busy with everything going on in life, I finally found some extra time Friday morning. I baked the cake and made the marshmallow fondant the night before. I bought white already-made fondant from the store just in case I did not make enough. In the end, I ended up using only the store bought one. That was fine by me, because yay, time for another baking project!

I screwed up a little part of it. After I placed the base fondant on the cake, I realized I forgot to add color in to make it purple. I had to brush it on using food coloring and a tiny bit of water. That is why the base is glossy. The other colors are fine because I remembered to add the color in and re-kneaded it. Other than that, I am prettyhappy with the end results. Not too shabby for it being my first time using fondant full-on to design cake. I've used it before to decorate cupcakes, but not a full round cake. My cousin, Chia, is decorating a Hmong-inspired cake for her little sister's birthday. Friday was practice for me and to help give her an idea of what she may like to add to her design.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

The MN State Fair was superb. I attended the worth-every-penny annual event three times this year. Me, the Boyfriend, and my cousins. We abused our bodies and ate just about anything that we salivated to. We had our regulars, to name a few; cheese curds, corn dog, cheese on a stick, cookies, beer.... There were a few new food options this year. We tried out the ones that intrigued our hungry souls. The one I absolutely enjoyed the most was the red-velvet funnel cake. Most people who know me well know I love sweets. Even so, I usually cannot finish a regular funnel cake. Delicious, but too much. However, I devoured the red-velvet funnel cake. Everything about it was so perfect.

Aside from all the food binge, the Boyfriend decided to play an arcade game. It was $1 per game. Four dollars later we got an i-pad!!! It was awesome! I forget the name of the game he played, but basically he had to perfectly align the "key" into the "key-hole." One little touch of it not being perfectly aligned would sensor it and the key would bounce back. Wow, were we lucky!

Friday, August 24, 2012


After a long day of work yesterday, I went over to Rachel's. She took me over to her barn where I met Outlaw. He is such a beauty. We did a small photo shoot. I am pleased with the session. I had a great time. The first time I touched a horse and rode one was in fifth grade; this updated experience was delightful. I thanked Rachel for giving me the opportunity to take their pictures and allowing me to meet her lovely horse.

Here I am with Outlaw. He is so gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life's Like This.

This is not the typical post that I would publish onto my blog, but I just wanted to share this life learning experience.

Family and friends are essential in ones life. You wish nothing but happiness and good health to them and theirs. It's not everyday that I walk down the long, white hallway and smell the strong scent of antiseptic and rubber gloves. In 2009 my little brother was in the hospital for appendicitis. I stayed with him every chance I could, whether it be overnight or for a good chunk of the day. He had a speedey recovery and continues to be active in the things he enjoy. I am thankful that we did not wait too long, his appendix would have burst and matters would be worse.

It was early July, Friday the thirteenth, 2012. Just like any other day; the girls text each other to see what the plans were for the weekend. None of us allowed "Friday the 13th" to spook us or ruin our day/night. This particular Friday was different. Mid-afternoon I received a text message from MB saying that MS was in the hospital, ICU, for kidney failure. I was in shock, but unaware of how serious this was. The reality of it did not hit me. We canceled all plans for the night and made it a priority to go visit MS. She drove herself to the hospital early that morning. As I walked in and saw MS sitting there on the hospital bed, I began to cry with her. I managed to force out four words, "I got you something." I handed her the plush sheep and card that I bought earlier. I wrote something along the lines of, "I hope this lamb will help you sleep well. Get well soon." Other than that, I was unable to find the strength to speak. After I recollected myself and wiped my tears, I asked how she was doing. Hearing about her other possible health issues and medication process made the entire situation felt so surreal.

The girls and I could not get over the fact that our friend was lying their. MS is such a strong individual. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and hopelessness she felt. Her strong willed spirit helped with the recovery. Despite the fact that she will consistently need to go in for check-ups, I know she will continue to be the happy, wonderful, strong, optimistic person that she is. <333

I've learned to appreciate the little things in my life a lot more. You never know what could happen within the next 24 hours, minute, or seconds. Although we like to create a narrative story in our mind; putting things together and hope it all turns out right, sometimes it doesn't. We live and learn. I have learned to appreciate the small gestures and things in life. I have learned to be thankful for everything and everyone. I appreciate all the people I've encountered thus far. They've impacted me in many different ways. God is good, all the time

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

East Coast.

I took a ten-day vacation to the East Coast in July. The girls and I spent two nights in the lovely, "New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of." I wish we could have spent more time there. We spent seven days in Massachusetts. For that reason alone, everything to see and try out in NYC was jammed back to back. We did not have a lot of time to observe everything thoroughly. Nonetheless, the city was wonderful. Although I grew up a "city-chic", NYC was pretty overwhelming, maybe because we had to cram everything within two days. Round two next year?! I think, yes! :)

This summer was my second time in Boston Massachusetts. Lovely like how I remembered it to be. We also spent three nights in a small town named Hull, MA. The girls and I stayed with our aunt, uncle, and their kids. They were so welcoming! I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality. Hull was amazing! We laid on the sand and swam in the ocean for a majority of the time we were there. I got tan and I love it. I love that vacation glow! Aunt and uncle lives one block away from the private beach area, so it was less crowded and more comfortable. I miss the ocean.

On a lighter note, I will post miscellaneous pictures from my trip in another post. For the moment, here is a photo of some cute finds I purcahsed during the vacation.

Ok, I lied.

In an earlier post I stated that I would do my best to post current events and purchases. Clearly, I failed. Anyway, as far as purchases and such, here are a few DIY collar necklaces I have attempted over the past couple of months.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Dance!

This post is a bit random, but I just wanted to share these two dance videos. I have had these under my YouTube favorites ever since I could remember. Enjoy and prepare to drool all over your keyboard.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shiny Things.

Whenever I need a slight boost of inspiration or idea, I turn to Pinterest. I need to make use of my crafty things again. Today after work, before meeting with a friend for dinner, I made a quick run to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I picked up a few items, not paying any attention to price because I knew I would "need" it regardless of its cost. My total came out as a tiny surprise, but I am satisfied with my purchase. I cannot wait to add these new shiny things to what I already have here at home.

* 1/2 a yard of off-white fleece and 1/2 a yard of black leather
* Two necklace cords
* Necklace bottom
* Variety of assorted beads

I made an online purchase not too long ago on more goodies for DIY projects. I cannot wait until they arrive. The black leather I just bought will go well with it, too!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bring Me Flowers.

I have not been posting about new beauty purchases or DIY projects lately. It would take a whole lot of time gathering it all to blog about, since it has been awhile. I will do my best to post current events and purchases from this point on.

On another note, the weather has been super moody. This morning was storming, left some hail evidence, electricity went out in certain parts of the city, and some trees fell. It is late in the afternoon now and it is super hot and humid out. Sunny, but humid. Anyway, because of the slight sunshine we have, I did my nails last night. I used the Ziploc bag technique and it turned out pretty sweet!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

RunForYourLives. 5k Zombie Run.

I participated in my first 5K this past Saturday; June 2nd. It was not your typical 5K. Whilst running, runners had to avoid "zombies" and go through obstacles. Participants receive three health flags to tie around their waist. The object of the event was to avoid "zombies" from taking your flags. It was quite an experience. From sliding down into a mud pool, walking against a downstream, getting zapped a few times while crawling in mud under an electric fence, to jumping out of a dirty pool of water and accidentally having my shorts fall loose, exposing my hot pink undies to the army guy, the overall experience was amazing.

I enjoyed the obstacles. They were way fun. Those did not wear me out. The running did. Going up sandy and muddy hills, trying to prevent my flags from being taken was tirrrrre-ing! The very first few hills were the most difficult. The first 5-10 minutes nearly defeated me. Being oblivious of what to expect, I seriously contemplated thoughts of calling it quits. After making it two-thirds into the 5K, I lost all my flags. After that point, the run became a lot more at ease. "Zombies" didn't really put a whole lot of effort in wasting their, (I'm sure tired as well), energy to chase runners without flags. The experience and adrenaline rush felt incredible after I was done. I think three of the girls from my group each had one remaining flag around their waist. Yay to them!

I am so thankful for all the girls I went with. I was obviously the weakest link! They were such an awesome bunch. They waited at the top of the hill, toward the finish line, so we could all slide down into the mud pool and finish together. I told myself and a few of the ladies, I probably will not do it again. I can now cross it off my bucket list, but who knows, maybe I will give it a round two. Perhaps next time I will do a little more training. I was definitely not physically prepared this time around. After we all rinsed ourselves and got dressed into our clean dry clothes, we went straight to the concession stand to redeem our one-free-drink ticket for a cold beer.

Results are here: 5K Zombie Run - Minnesota

The Ladies!!! Before & after. From dry, clean clothes, and being excited... to being drenched in mud, water, and an incredible feeling of accomplishment.

After the whole experience, I decided to donate my shoes to the event. I have had those babies since the eight grade. They definitely stuck with me and managed to stay in good condition. I figured someone in much more need could make great use of them as well. :)

According to Wikipedia, "In 2012, Run For Your Lives established a partnership with Project Sole, a non-profit organization that collects shoes to raise money for domestic schools and civic organizations while distributing footwear to impoverished and disaster stricken communities throughout the world. At each event, Run For Your Lives participants have the option to donate their used sneakers after the race."

Here is an awesome POV video. All locations are slightly different. This is what us Minnesotans had. Kudos to a youtuber who also took part in the Minnesota Zombie Run course.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I got an eye for a sweet tooth.

Last weekend my cousin and I decided to make cake pops. We try to get together every once in awhile to chat and bake or cook. Here is our second attempt. This batch looked a lot better than our first attempt a few months back. Cake balls were falling off the sticks onto the kitchen floor. Balls were breaking apart. (wait...) We have learned and improved a bit. Yay! Our next plan is to test our icing/frosting decorating skills on cupcakes or a regular cake. I can't wait!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Am I lame for deciding to stay in tonight to play games on my iPod? I would totally go out if I wasn't so exhausted. It is about 10:40pm right now, I just got back from babysitting. While the kids were asleep I resumed my iPod games. Wah-wah.

I attended my friend's baby shower earlier this afternoon. Everyone got a cute tea infuser, shaped like a teapot, as a party favor. They served a ton of finger food, desserts, and tea! Yum. I completely forgot to take photos of the party. The only photo I have is of the party favor, below.

Spring break has officially started, but working full-time would mean me living the regular busy life that I've been living over the past few years. In order for me to actually enjoy a real break, I took Wednesday through Friday of next week off. Woo hoo! Other than that, I didn't do too much to take advantage of today's awesome weather!

PS: I have been super addicted to Pinterst over the past few months. I can be on that site forever; pinning, repining, and liking all sorts of images. I realized that the hours I spend pinning and adding things onto my boards, I could totally be spending those hours working on an actual project or trying new recipes instead. Oh, life.

Here is a picture of the diaper cake I made for my friend.

Have a good night, errrr'one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recap of ringing in the New Year.

<------- A portrait of myself, on New Years Eve/Day.
A picture I do not remembering being in, and to a night I can and cannot recall, all at the same time.

Despite the fact that, of all days, it decided to snow on New Years Eve, I had an awesome New Years Day with family and friends. The roads became slippery and planners of party hopping were more vulnerable to get stuck in traffic, or worse, an accident. My thought was, well, at least now your chances of getting pulled over are semi-slim, because they won't know whether you're a bad driver due to the icy roads or because you're intoxicated and unconsciously swerving. My night was planned around attending three, possibly four parties. I ended my night with two, which was a completely good choice.

Aside from all the snow, I had a great time. In all honesty, as far as I remember, I have never gotten that wasted. Ever. Most nights I am aware of my surroundings, no matter how many drinks I've had. For some reason I can't recall NYE 2012. The last sober moment I remember is the countdown. I had the world's worst hangover ever! I locked myself in the bathroom basically the entire day. My cousin was 110% sober. She told me what happened the night before. Apparently, I did a lot of pretty embarrassing stuff. Nothing crazy like skinny dipping, taking my bra off, or anything like that.... but I felt pretty dumb the next morning. I seriously do not recall some of the events at all. Zero. Nada. Even though I was going through my worst hangover ever, it could not overshadow how obviously drunk I was the night before. T__T Never again.

Wishful thinking.

It has been exactly four months since I last updated. This was not planned. Today I just felt the need to report back to my virtual diary. I decided to also change the look of my blog. New banner and different color scheme. Less dark and emo-ish. More fun and girly-ish! [???]

Here is my rant: I have been swamped with school and work. Although I have been overwhelmed with homework and quizzes, last semester ended on a good note. I am trying to stay motivated and avoid losing edge this semester. I have been apathetic towards almost everything. Physically and emotionally drained.

Aside from the little dull parts of my life, I want to do some traveling this year. Even if I have the time and cash-money to go on only one trip, I will be absolutely grateful! <3
I took this photo during my trip last year, some time in June.
Massachusetts. Sunset and Boston's skyline.