Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shiny Things.

Whenever I need a slight boost of inspiration or idea, I turn to Pinterest. I need to make use of my crafty things again. Today after work, before meeting with a friend for dinner, I made a quick run to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I picked up a few items, not paying any attention to price because I knew I would "need" it regardless of its cost. My total came out as a tiny surprise, but I am satisfied with my purchase. I cannot wait to add these new shiny things to what I already have here at home.

* 1/2 a yard of off-white fleece and 1/2 a yard of black leather
* Two necklace cords
* Necklace bottom
* Variety of assorted beads

I made an online purchase not too long ago on more goodies for DIY projects. I cannot wait until they arrive. The black leather I just bought will go well with it, too!

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