Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life's Like This.

This is not the typical post that I would publish onto my blog, but I just wanted to share this life learning experience.

Family and friends are essential in ones life. You wish nothing but happiness and good health to them and theirs. It's not everyday that I walk down the long, white hallway and smell the strong scent of antiseptic and rubber gloves. In 2009 my little brother was in the hospital for appendicitis. I stayed with him every chance I could, whether it be overnight or for a good chunk of the day. He had a speedey recovery and continues to be active in the things he enjoy. I am thankful that we did not wait too long, his appendix would have burst and matters would be worse.

It was early July, Friday the thirteenth, 2012. Just like any other day; the girls text each other to see what the plans were for the weekend. None of us allowed "Friday the 13th" to spook us or ruin our day/night. This particular Friday was different. Mid-afternoon I received a text message from MB saying that MS was in the hospital, ICU, for kidney failure. I was in shock, but unaware of how serious this was. The reality of it did not hit me. We canceled all plans for the night and made it a priority to go visit MS. She drove herself to the hospital early that morning. As I walked in and saw MS sitting there on the hospital bed, I began to cry with her. I managed to force out four words, "I got you something." I handed her the plush sheep and card that I bought earlier. I wrote something along the lines of, "I hope this lamb will help you sleep well. Get well soon." Other than that, I was unable to find the strength to speak. After I recollected myself and wiped my tears, I asked how she was doing. Hearing about her other possible health issues and medication process made the entire situation felt so surreal.

The girls and I could not get over the fact that our friend was lying their. MS is such a strong individual. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and hopelessness she felt. Her strong willed spirit helped with the recovery. Despite the fact that she will consistently need to go in for check-ups, I know she will continue to be the happy, wonderful, strong, optimistic person that she is. <333

I've learned to appreciate the little things in my life a lot more. You never know what could happen within the next 24 hours, minute, or seconds. Although we like to create a narrative story in our mind; putting things together and hope it all turns out right, sometimes it doesn't. We live and learn. I have learned to appreciate the small gestures and things in life. I have learned to be thankful for everything and everyone. I appreciate all the people I've encountered thus far. They've impacted me in many different ways. God is good, all the time

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