Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was in seventh grade when I heard about the devastating event of the Twin Towers in New York. The memories I have of the incident are so dull. I was sitting in History class. Unbeknownst to what was happening, Mrs. R turned on the TV. I remember the small screen displaying live feed from New York. Smoke and flames filled it up. I was afraid, but unaware of how big of an issue the incident really was.

Two months ago, in July, I went to New York for the first time in my life. I made sure Ground Zero would be a part of my "To see" during my trip. Unfortunately, time was tight so I was unable to actually see the memorial pool. I was able to snap a few photos of the "scene" and the ongoing process of the new towers that were being built to be taller and stronger than before. In the corner of one street was a closed out area. A small window was provided for people to peek through and see the evidence of what was left behind from the horrific incident. Literally standing in the area where it all happened was so overwhelming. It all felt so surreal.

I have paid my respect every year to the lost ones of 9.11. However, this year felt different. While listening to the radio this morning, they played audio clips of phone calls and live reports. I was sensitive to the subject before, but this year was different. Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes. Perhaps because I have a live memory of the surroundings. I stepped foot in the area. As the audio clips were playing, I pictured myself in the are with them witnessing the entire thing. Of course I cannot even begin to imagine the imagery, horror, and helplessness they all felt; but have seen a small fraction of the little evidence that was left, it hurt enough to feel some pain.

Although I have no personal relation to anyone who fell victim of the September 11, 2001 attack, my heart, thoughts, and prayers truly and whole heartily go out to those who lost their lives or a loved one in the incident. God bless.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Sweet Taste of my Culture.

I have been so busy with everything going on in life, I finally found some extra time Friday morning. I baked the cake and made the marshmallow fondant the night before. I bought white already-made fondant from the store just in case I did not make enough. In the end, I ended up using only the store bought one. That was fine by me, because yay, time for another baking project!

I screwed up a little part of it. After I placed the base fondant on the cake, I realized I forgot to add color in to make it purple. I had to brush it on using food coloring and a tiny bit of water. That is why the base is glossy. The other colors are fine because I remembered to add the color in and re-kneaded it. Other than that, I am prettyhappy with the end results. Not too shabby for it being my first time using fondant full-on to design cake. I've used it before to decorate cupcakes, but not a full round cake. My cousin, Chia, is decorating a Hmong-inspired cake for her little sister's birthday. Friday was practice for me and to help give her an idea of what she may like to add to her design.

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

The MN State Fair was superb. I attended the worth-every-penny annual event three times this year. Me, the Boyfriend, and my cousins. We abused our bodies and ate just about anything that we salivated to. We had our regulars, to name a few; cheese curds, corn dog, cheese on a stick, cookies, beer.... There were a few new food options this year. We tried out the ones that intrigued our hungry souls. The one I absolutely enjoyed the most was the red-velvet funnel cake. Most people who know me well know I love sweets. Even so, I usually cannot finish a regular funnel cake. Delicious, but too much. However, I devoured the red-velvet funnel cake. Everything about it was so perfect.

Aside from all the food binge, the Boyfriend decided to play an arcade game. It was $1 per game. Four dollars later we got an i-pad!!! It was awesome! I forget the name of the game he played, but basically he had to perfectly align the "key" into the "key-hole." One little touch of it not being perfectly aligned would sensor it and the key would bounce back. Wow, were we lucky!