Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Sweet Taste of my Culture.

I have been so busy with everything going on in life, I finally found some extra time Friday morning. I baked the cake and made the marshmallow fondant the night before. I bought white already-made fondant from the store just in case I did not make enough. In the end, I ended up using only the store bought one. That was fine by me, because yay, time for another baking project!

I screwed up a little part of it. After I placed the base fondant on the cake, I realized I forgot to add color in to make it purple. I had to brush it on using food coloring and a tiny bit of water. That is why the base is glossy. The other colors are fine because I remembered to add the color in and re-kneaded it. Other than that, I am prettyhappy with the end results. Not too shabby for it being my first time using fondant full-on to design cake. I've used it before to decorate cupcakes, but not a full round cake. My cousin, Chia, is decorating a Hmong-inspired cake for her little sister's birthday. Friday was practice for me and to help give her an idea of what she may like to add to her design.

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