Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

The MN State Fair was superb. I attended the worth-every-penny annual event three times this year. Me, the Boyfriend, and my cousins. We abused our bodies and ate just about anything that we salivated to. We had our regulars, to name a few; cheese curds, corn dog, cheese on a stick, cookies, beer.... There were a few new food options this year. We tried out the ones that intrigued our hungry souls. The one I absolutely enjoyed the most was the red-velvet funnel cake. Most people who know me well know I love sweets. Even so, I usually cannot finish a regular funnel cake. Delicious, but too much. However, I devoured the red-velvet funnel cake. Everything about it was so perfect.

Aside from all the food binge, the Boyfriend decided to play an arcade game. It was $1 per game. Four dollars later we got an i-pad!!! It was awesome! I forget the name of the game he played, but basically he had to perfectly align the "key" into the "key-hole." One little touch of it not being perfectly aligned would sensor it and the key would bounce back. Wow, were we lucky!

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