Sunday, March 11, 2012

I got an eye for a sweet tooth.

Last weekend my cousin and I decided to make cake pops. We try to get together every once in awhile to chat and bake or cook. Here is our second attempt. This batch looked a lot better than our first attempt a few months back. Cake balls were falling off the sticks onto the kitchen floor. Balls were breaking apart. (wait...) We have learned and improved a bit. Yay! Our next plan is to test our icing/frosting decorating skills on cupcakes or a regular cake. I can't wait!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Am I lame for deciding to stay in tonight to play games on my iPod? I would totally go out if I wasn't so exhausted. It is about 10:40pm right now, I just got back from babysitting. While the kids were asleep I resumed my iPod games. Wah-wah.

I attended my friend's baby shower earlier this afternoon. Everyone got a cute tea infuser, shaped like a teapot, as a party favor. They served a ton of finger food, desserts, and tea! Yum. I completely forgot to take photos of the party. The only photo I have is of the party favor, below.

Spring break has officially started, but working full-time would mean me living the regular busy life that I've been living over the past few years. In order for me to actually enjoy a real break, I took Wednesday through Friday of next week off. Woo hoo! Other than that, I didn't do too much to take advantage of today's awesome weather!

PS: I have been super addicted to Pinterst over the past few months. I can be on that site forever; pinning, repining, and liking all sorts of images. I realized that the hours I spend pinning and adding things onto my boards, I could totally be spending those hours working on an actual project or trying new recipes instead. Oh, life.

Here is a picture of the diaper cake I made for my friend.

Have a good night, errrr'one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recap of ringing in the New Year.

<------- A portrait of myself, on New Years Eve/Day.
A picture I do not remembering being in, and to a night I can and cannot recall, all at the same time.

Despite the fact that, of all days, it decided to snow on New Years Eve, I had an awesome New Years Day with family and friends. The roads became slippery and planners of party hopping were more vulnerable to get stuck in traffic, or worse, an accident. My thought was, well, at least now your chances of getting pulled over are semi-slim, because they won't know whether you're a bad driver due to the icy roads or because you're intoxicated and unconsciously swerving. My night was planned around attending three, possibly four parties. I ended my night with two, which was a completely good choice.

Aside from all the snow, I had a great time. In all honesty, as far as I remember, I have never gotten that wasted. Ever. Most nights I am aware of my surroundings, no matter how many drinks I've had. For some reason I can't recall NYE 2012. The last sober moment I remember is the countdown. I had the world's worst hangover ever! I locked myself in the bathroom basically the entire day. My cousin was 110% sober. She told me what happened the night before. Apparently, I did a lot of pretty embarrassing stuff. Nothing crazy like skinny dipping, taking my bra off, or anything like that.... but I felt pretty dumb the next morning. I seriously do not recall some of the events at all. Zero. Nada. Even though I was going through my worst hangover ever, it could not overshadow how obviously drunk I was the night before. T__T Never again.

Wishful thinking.

It has been exactly four months since I last updated. This was not planned. Today I just felt the need to report back to my virtual diary. I decided to also change the look of my blog. New banner and different color scheme. Less dark and emo-ish. More fun and girly-ish! [???]

Here is my rant: I have been swamped with school and work. Although I have been overwhelmed with homework and quizzes, last semester ended on a good note. I am trying to stay motivated and avoid losing edge this semester. I have been apathetic towards almost everything. Physically and emotionally drained.

Aside from the little dull parts of my life, I want to do some traveling this year. Even if I have the time and cash-money to go on only one trip, I will be absolutely grateful! <3
I took this photo during my trip last year, some time in June.
Massachusetts. Sunset and Boston's skyline.